Reviews for "Over There TV intro"


Yep it was cheesy, but I enjoyed it. Great use of animation for 16-bit.


very good job seeing as how you did it in 16-color.


rarely do you see such amazing creativity and such skill at once, but as usual, gel does an amazing job on the visuals and dustall does profesional quality work on the audeo, and once again, the result is an amazing animation.

The only downside is how short the animation was, but then again, it makes a perfect TV intro

Also, am i correct that some of the charecters in "Over There" are also in "Story Tag" 1 and 2?


lol,this was great!Did you use "16color" for this too?Looks like it,it was pretty short though,you should make it longer,well,keep up the good work!


stop sending subliminal cartoon series to my head!

It started out brilliantly, then it sank into a nice introduction of all your favourite characters;

Princess Annabelle, trapped in Scabardons castle
CyboSam the lost, Stuck in another wacky Situation
Garbie the Mauve, Surrounded by Scabardons Minions
Jayce the Car guy, With his personalised #-plate
Followed by Scabardon the not very nice guy.

Not featured in the intro were;
Spike the wonderdog
Professor Uttore
Joe the Physically Challenged and of course
Bo the Blundering Beggar..

Damn you, stop sending subliminal cartoon series to my head!

gel responds:

Haha, that's great! Thanks for naming all the characters (even though they already have names). Here's a secret! CyboSam and Jayce are one in the same!

As mentioned in the author's comments, all the characters are actually from a claymation Dustball and I did a long time ago. We may put that up sometime, but it's actually over 20 minutes long, so some editing must take place!