Reviews for "Over There TV intro"


I hated it! I love the clay films ''over there" but this was just plain crap. If you would make a T.V. show (witch you should) you would make it clay right? Good

It is not cheesy! It's a great idea!

Do It! Do It!Do It!

Not as cheesy as all that!

This is actually okay! I like the fact that you added new characters, and it really does remind me of old 16-bit stuff that I've seen; you treat the medium with respect, as if it were the height of technology, unlike Skittlez'n'Bitz (although there's a place for that too). The music fits the style perfectly. I know you've heard this a million times, but great job!

Nicely done

Kudos for not doing my biggest pet peeve while using 8/16 bit graphics; rotating them. It kills the illusion. Thanks. Great job. I love how unlike the actual series it is. Anyway, great job.

Boy, This Takes You Back

An excellent short, with some impressive pixel techniques. Would make a great series intro, as noted.