Reviews for "Over There TV intro"


What was the name of the song in there? I went to dustba11's site, but couldn't find it.

gel responds:

It's on his site. It's on the "Velvet Shade" album and the name of the song is "Over There TV," which is track 14.


lol pretty good ^^ pxelatex but cool

it was pretty kool, not great though

that was all i had to say

I thought it was pretty cool

bit chunky, but i guess that was the point. It ran smoothly and stuff... o.o

Well done.

I really liked it!

Your animation style is very unique. I love the pixellated-yet smooth animation. Although many people may not appreciate this type of animation, I think the idea was very well executed, and would definitely like to see more of this.

Good job!