Reviews for "Over There TV intro"

Good flow of animation and visual.

I liked the animation. It was quick but it really got to me the animation that you used to make the flash, also the theme, is kinda of cool. So yeah let's keep this alive.


This is fucking amazing! This animation struck a chord deep inside me. 16 color(next to mario paint) was like the first animation program I used. Just for doing it in 16 color I'm giving you a 10! That program sucked to animate on, doing each frame in 16 colors or less, but when you were done, boy were you ever psyched! Dude I applaud you guys... keep up the good work! Pixels 4 ever!

Spiffy as hell

I liked the camera effects and how the pixels gave off a 3-D feel. It would be a cool intro to a video game.

I dont understand....

Im french and I dont understand what is that...

Nice work!

I love the work you two make! Though I must say I sort of hoping that the "Dustba11 piano key bashing easter egg" would make a return here. But still, it was a fun intro to watch (made me think back of how excited I was when my favourite program's intro on a Saturday morning comes on).