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Reviews for "You'll Never Catch Me Alive!"


Funny sense of humour, like the art and like the story but kinda doesent make sense,
Isn't suicide a sin so they wouldn't be in heaven?

ToonHole responds:

Damn you and your logic.


Almost sprayed my drink over the screen. Thanks for that.
Guy below me, you're looking in to it too much.

ToonHole responds:

Sorry for the damage to your screen : \ I'll be less funny in the future, don't worry


Ok, but if he is executed in heaven, where will he go next?

On second thought if he was a theft, what is he doing in heaven?

ToonHole responds:

On third thought, if a train leaves Philadelphia at 30 miles per hour headed straight for another train leaving Chicago at 20 miles per hour, where do they collide?


Nicely executed and fantastic use of cel-shading.

ToonHole responds:

Thanks! I wanted to put time into the details, nice to see that people notice!

Diggin your humor

Your style reminds me much of the same cartoon style from the Ren & Stimpy Cartoon.

My question is where do ghost go when they died?