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Reviews for "You'll Never Catch Me Alive!"

Holy crap, this is good! This is one of the best comics that I've ever seen on this website! It was just amazing how it kept going on. I just knew it was building up to some amazing punchline. The art is of course amazing. I am glad it was more than just a single image.

You can never tell judging by the thumbnail. Everything is so wonderfully detailed. Wait, how could he die in Heaven? Who cares, it's funny! Everyone just looks so silly looking. Flesh and blood are cool!

There was a lightbulb in the robber's head... and a baseball in the cop's head... See, kids, THIS is why you don't stick things up your nose!

Dead yo die

What's the smiley face for? Is it infinte knowledge and peace? Or is it a large stuffed crust meat lovers pizza?

lol they really are dedicated xD