Reviews for "Track One_RR"

not bad...

its really repetative, but still has a great beat.
good job, but need more. it got a bit boring but not enough to stop teh rave!
mastering is really bad but , hey, its a start
but ive got to say this is pretty good for ur first track.
eh , ill give u a 8/10 but i gave u a 5/5!

RenoakRhythm responds:

ya the mastering isn't complete on this version... its actually way to f-ing loud on a number of things. (As i'm sure you could tell). I appreciate the review. Hey if you notice something about the mastering specific, dont hesitate to let me know, its easy to overlook something when you're writing something.

Thanks again... Well i'm satisfied, i'm going to make some changes to the final version, mess around with some stuff then upload the full song.

Got my blood pumping

Great song man!

I really loved the overall structure you have going on it, and the arpeggiated synths around the breakdown at 1:30, Kept it really hypnotic and fresh.

I think the mastering could be a bit balanced as some of the synths I think are a little too loud in some parts. maybe try to have a more diverse build, add a new chorus or melody. it felt like it was a little too simple and over too quick.

But its amazing so far, so despite the short length i still love it man, Keep making music. A+

RenoakRhythm responds:

ya definitely over too quick. After the initial build its rather repetative and boring for a full song, I didn't notice the synths being too loud, but i'll go back and check, maybe do some better EQing, or maybe its mastering... we'll see.

Thanks for the review nostromer.... I'll check out one of your songs.


Nice nice

The intro is good. It's just enough to make you not lose interest and wait for the track to build up. The bass sounds really good in this bit, from what I can hear. My built in speakers aren't great at pumping out the low-end.

When it hits into the drop at the 1 minute mark it seemed to take a wrong turn. Not necesarily a bad one. But the synths used made it feel more mellow than what was expected after the intro. I was expecting something a bit more hard hitting with a harsh lead.

I loved the crowd cheers. You pulled it off without making it cheesey, like so many other songs.

You obviously have a fairly good idea of what you're doing, for someone fairly new to what they're doing.


RenoakRhythm responds:

Thanks for the 5. And thanks for just coming to listen to the song, means alot.

Ya, it does take a mellow turn, however after this uploaded version ends I lull for a minute then come back hard. Hopefully I don't lose the audience with the mellowness. I wrote this in mind that it will be heard over again, so having the mellow part kinda is like OMG, i can't wait for the 4 minute area for it to come in hard.

I spent a lot of time on the crowd so it wouldn't be cheesy. I've heard amateur stuff with crowds and its annoying, I almost didn't use it, but its a club song and it needs the club feel of the crowd to be truly enjoyed online, though i would think not to put the crowd sound if played at a club.

Thanks so much for the review.


I like it!

First off let me start by thanking you for your review on one of my submissions. Although it wasn't one of our good songs, you still appreciated the work we put in so thank you. Now, back to your song, I like it alot. It gives off a very distinct "rave" feeling and the sounds of an audience only enhances the feeling. My only critisim would be that it isnt really a full techno song (which is fine because you mentioned that it is a demo). Most techno is pretty long though, i'd say at least 4 and a half minutes or more per song. But this is really good, the beat keeps you interested while never really getting to the point of complete boredom. I'd say ou have talent, however don't stop with this. Keep going, it is evident that you can get alot better.

oh and if you enjoyed my song, maybe you would enjoy the others we submitted. They are alot better then Carnivalivore. Look for The Crow Is The Answer and Jihad Soundz, and tell me whatcha think! we love the feedback!

oh and also, you can add us on mspace if you have one, at www.myspace.com/thirteenguysandahorse
we are just a bunch of guys who love techno and have free time, so if you like us then send us a comment or something!

peace & respect-

RenoakRhythm responds:

Hey, you're welcome for that review. I will be checking out your other stuff later for sure.

Yes, this is definitely just the first two or so minutes of a longer song that does get harder.

I don't have a myspace. But i'll look into it.

I really only added the crowd to this song because its strongly a club song and club songs really sound better at the club, so hopefully the crowd wasn't too cheesy, i spent time making sound sound like a real crowd at a club rather than putting a cheesy sample in the background.

I think I'll upload the full version this next weekend then. I'll give this sometime to get reviews, so maybe I'll change the full version if I get some really good ideas or some critism that points out something i missed.

Not too bad

Reminded me of that song from Blade, was it "base in the place London" or somethin like that.

RenoakRhythm responds:

Awesome, never heard it, but I'm now going to go Youtube it. Thanks for listening.