Reviews for "Swedish Saveloy"

Hell yea!

That was dope! I enjoyed the music and it was fun. Cant wait for the club scene!!! But I didn't get $1000.00 bucks and it still took me to the ending???

pretty good

Nice job in making a thought out adventure game using flash :) i was a bit apprehensive about a lot of the scenes and how much they are similar to Sam and Max Hit the Road, such as the World map, Biggest Scud (Ball of twine scene) and various others. You've definately got a lot of potential in this genre, perhaps try to add more of your own style instead of tweaking others. Not a gripe at all, but i think you could do better using your own styles :)

God almighty this is AMAZING!!!!!!!

This is quite litterly a flash break through, THEE MOST AMAZING FLASH GAME I HAVE EVER SEEN AND PLAYED, absoulotly fonominal, make more, you have to this is the most entertaining thing on NG.

Good game great graphics real fun

One problem wer the god damned money i got the antihistemines but wers the money?


This was amzing, Great graphics brilliant humour, and reminded me of DISCWORLD and BROKEN SWORD and MONKEY ISLAND!!
those kinda gam,es own, and so, my freind, do u!