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Reviews for "Upcoming movies!"

its cool

nothing really to see here.

Good but....

Execlent intro, hope to see the full thing soon. But please! Get some help with english text or release it in your native language... 'Our world unveils menace'? Kinda like 'All your base belong to us' isint it?



The Movie's the Thing

I feel a little dumb reviewing a trailer. It looks fine -- smooth animation, reasonably good art, some Hollywood orchestral to back everything up. Just make sure the movie doesn't stink. And don't use the virtual camera in the movie unless it's really, really, really needed, like if terrorists are holding me hostage and demand you use it.

Comments on the project of the trailer, which I think was to creep me out a bit: You did some good work taking the standard images of the Bond films and subverting them -- ex. using the "blood over camera" business outside of the Bond introduction; and even -- yes, I liked it -- using the virtual camera to have his target dodge the bullet in the Bond introduction. It really lends a feeling of danger and unpredictability. I have a feeling that this bond movie isn't going to be our usual two and a half star action comedy. Just make sure it isn't a one star action pic.

In terms of producing an inviting trailer, however, some of the shots were unnecessary. After seeing the message that something was going wrong with DNA recombination, I'm treated to a shot of a double helix with little organic molecules floating around it. Shouldn't something be, uh, you know, *happening* to that DNA strand? "Doctor, the DNA is *rotating*! Run for your lives!" Just to freak me out a little, which of course is what this trailer is for.

In addition, I'd recommend having Bond, you know, *do something* in the shot you give us of him. It'd give the audience more confidence in your ability to animate him well, and whip up support for the film. Either that or leave it out -- after all, there's little chance that the audience thinks the "one man" who can stop world destruction is Richard Simmons.

You get a 3 -- it is just a trailer, after all. You put out a good movie, who knows what you'll get?

Bicentennial responds:

Good Point, I really enjoyed your criticism... I mean that... got me there!
But hey... If I actually show the DNA blasting itself into mid air... what´s the point, right?

This shit reeks of shadyness

I hope that the folks at Newgrounds wake up soon and delete this bullshit. It is obvious that these POS bitches are artificially upping their scored to get into the top 5. this isn't even a flash movie, and the 007 one was just a dna string with words. Hopefully they ban this piece of shit cheater for artifically taking the limelight from real flash artists.