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Reviews for "Upcoming movies!"

This is total dogshit!

This is the worst piece of shit I have ever seen it sucks donkey cock! It shoud be removed.

this shit is gay!

i can't believe it's actually in the top 5! and you kmow why? because this shit is gay!!!!!! (n)

whut the fuck

whut kinda shit was that stop riting reviews 4 this crap i cant b live its in da top 5

What is wrong with you people?

Whjy the hell are you reviewing this movie are you all fucking retarded.

This shit reeks of shadyness

I hope that the folks at Newgrounds wake up soon and delete this bullshit. It is obvious that these POS bitches are artificially upping their scored to get into the top 5. this isn't even a flash movie, and the 007 one was just a dna string with words. Hopefully they ban this piece of shit cheater for artifically taking the limelight from real flash artists.