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Reviews for "Upcoming movies!"


We didn't need to see this, If we wanted to know about this. We'd goto your website. :)

what the fuck??

huh? why tell us about your movies in advance? when theyre ready just submit them! this is so fucking pointless it should be outlawed, if the movies are that good you wont need to promote them anyway

Do not vote so high for such a waste of bandwidth!

This is the kind of shit that should not be on Newgrounds. They need to ban anyone who puts this kind of useless promotion/rating gettings. Why even post it if you are going to put those movies on later. Just have someone at Newgrounds say that or tell it on your site.


Your 007 animation was cool, but this one is a shit... No, it's no shit... the word I was looking for is "useless"...


that was so gay it doesnt even deserve to be here take it off dammit