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Reviews for "WS - Zatoichi Tribute"


In the shadow of the Shadow.
Nice feel.
Music to drive too.
10 <33


This really gives me that 'casual lifestyle' feeling. You took a very nice song to begin with, and the outcome is great. Only downside to this genre is it gets 'boring' real quick, it's a lot of the same.


~ La_Yinn, --'

Great music, Great movie

It took me a while to remember where I had seen/heard the name Zatoichi.
Then when I looked at the song page I remembered. Wow that is a seriously old movie. Keep up the good work.

This beat right here is bangin

For real i never heard anything so dope even though this is some good old school right here, thank you for making this track dude i simply enjoyed it so much.

Very nice

This is excellent. Pretty old style sounding, which is awesome, but with some newer beats put in. Keep up the good stuff.