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Reviews for "WS - Zatoichi Tribute"

Psh haters got nothin

Aiight yall know you've made it now. Leave the big bad wolf to crawl back into his den. This is a seriously dope track man. Really impressed. Keep it up man.

Dooooooopppe Beat

just one question, what sample did you use for your scratching and is it vinyl or digital
Cheers bruv keep it up

war-spawn responds:

The scratching came from an artist I collab with named Yun Veroz. If I'm not mistaken, he has a usb turntable in which he was able to scratch the sound over FL Studio 7.


your one hell of an artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hip Hop to the Max--------------------------->

Amazing music nice scratching, and i sicken the 70s feel to it or 80s which ever one. Keep up the "up to the max" work.


That is one of my favorite movies and
(not because of the movie)
This is one of my favorite beats and I think I might want to start sampling some more martial art movies because of it like I used too...

Btw new account and hi long time no talk.