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Reviews for "[Beautiful Memories]"


This makes me want to make a duet on the guitar.
I really like this song, it makes me look back on my life for all the good things.
Your music brings the best out of people.

BlazingDragon responds:

Thank you Rorouk. :) I wish I could play guitar.

yes it is

Yes.. they are beautiful memories aren't they? Too good. I like this song

BlazingDragon responds:

This song brings back a lot of important memories to me....Of times that I wish I could better recollect. But It also inspires me to look ahead and create new memories that are even better. That is the beauty of life; we don't have to live in the past, because we can create our own future.

Thank you for the review

4th song favorited, so I took it a bit further

My musically picky ass has finally favorited you as an artist. Happy now?! lmao jk. Everything I've heard from you is gorgeous in every sense. After a few I had to finally get it over with and do the inevitable.

BlazingDragon responds:

Yes, I'm happy, lol. Thank you for the support. :)


I cried. I looked back and saw my best friend Tracy whom I lost in a fire while I was at her house. I couldn't find her and sadly, she had to leave this world.

I have always dedicated my life to her and plan on fufilling her promise...be her best friend for ever. She told me she liked e one day and I said I like you back. Do you want to go out. She said she'll be ready in a little while. A few days later, she passed in that fire. I hated myself for the next few days blaming myself for every event. Then I heard this song. It made realize that she didn't want me to hate myself and that it was okay. I couldn't do anything. But she still loved me forever. This song has changed my life. If anyone reads this review, don't feel sympathy. It is just a review. If you really want to talk to me about this part of my life e-mail. (To the Author): You probably were just making this to make it, but keep creating peices of music. You never know who might be moved by the piece. Like Darnell, RESPECT...

BlazingDragon responds:

If she really loved you, then you are absolutely right. She would want you to live your life to the fullest and experience all that it has to offer. I know that it must be incredibly difficult for you, but it means a lot that my song has helped you. Thank you for telling me, it is inspiring to say the very least.


Perhaps you remember me from some old reviews xD

I've listened to your latest works and I must say you are undoubtely improving xD (Tears of Remorse is a reall nice one =p...maybe I'll write a review about it later ^^)

Puting that aside, that's what I imagine when I listen to this beautiful piece of art:

An old hand appears...It opens an old album on an old desk.

The face of the person opening it appears...it's an old lady...maybe in her 60-70s.

She looks at the photos smiling...photos of her when she was a baby...photos of her childhood...photos of her young days.

She turns the page...she sees pictures of her wedding.

As she turns the pages again, we can see time passing through the photos. All of them regarding her, her husband and their children.

She closes the album and looks behind. Her husband is sleeping on the couch.

She quietly approaches him, carefully touches his face and smile.

Her husband (still sleeping) then let a tear rolls.

A moment later he suddenly wakes up and looks around susprised, but he sees no one in the room.

He sits on the couch again and touches his face where his wife touched him. Her ghost went to pay a last visit to her soulmate before leaving our world to the endless light.

Well....not my best review, but I hope you enjoy it =]

BlazingDragon responds:

That was actually a very good review. The imagery fits very well...It is sad but beautiful.

Thank you for all of your reviews and the inspiration you've provided. I love to know what people imagine when listening to my music, and you've given me an opportunity to find out. :)