Reviews for "What Is Love (8Bit)"


I mean YES!
You got a number by the way.
A 10 and a 5 :D
Saved, Faved & Five'd

pheel responds:

Ha :)
Thanks very much mate :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it

Pure Awesome

Reminds me of a "What is Love" remix on YouTube.
(For you users, this isn't promotion. If it screams to you "WATCH ME!!!1!11!", I can't help it.)

This sounds awesome from within the first 10 seconds, which many songs suprizingly don't.
If you could make an 8-bit remix of "It's the end of the World as we Know it", you'd be a musical god in my eyes.
I wish I could create music like this...

pheel responds:

I do love a bit of R.E.M, maybe it's something worth thinking about ;)
Thanks very much for reviewing mate :)

What is 8 bit?

I love these 8 bit versions. In the beginning it sounds like a saxophone, but I know its 8 bit.

pheel responds:

Awesome :D
I think :P

Thanks for reviewing :)
Glad you liked it


Headbobbing as well :D

pheel responds:

Thanks :D
I'm glad you did :3

i tried to find 1 word to describe this

but i couldnt so i made one up , AWSEOMEADOSHISNESS
( awesome - ado- shis-ness) -1. something being so awesome that words cant describe it so you make up some awesomeadoshis word to describe it ...
2. this song

pheel responds:

Wow, I like it :) I like it a lot :D
That should so be in the dictionary :)

Thanks very much mate