Reviews for "What Is Love (8Bit)"


i was amazed by it......you saved me from killing all the oter 8bit songs,thanks.

pheel responds:

Erm, great? :P

Thanks a lot :)

lol i love my lyrics to the song better

WHAT IS LOVE! BABY GOT HERPIES! GOT HERPIES! AND MORE! lol them is my lryics...yeah im usin this in my animations its rlly cool its nice for a stare down between x-20p and lil man

pheel responds:

Ahaha I like it :D
Oh please link me to anything you use it in :)

Thanks for reviewing

Oh God...

I was just looking for curiosity because I dont usualy like this type of music in 8 bit style...but this one is so awesome!!!!
I'm so downloading this one


pheel responds:

Well thank you :)
I'm glad you found something you liked :D

i tried to find 1 word to describe this

but i couldnt so i made one up , AWSEOMEADOSHISNESS
( awesome - ado- shis-ness) -1. something being so awesome that words cant describe it so you make up some awesomeadoshis word to describe it ...
2. this song

pheel responds:

Wow, I like it :) I like it a lot :D
That should so be in the dictionary :)

Thanks very much mate


I knew this song,I found it in Youtube and it was so awesome!
This song is so good,that I used it in MUGEN.
The beats were perfect and it sounds very 8-Bit.
Just to say it again:
Great job!

pheel responds:

That's great :D
Thanks very much

Glad you enjoyed it