Reviews for "What Is Love (8Bit)"

you wanna dance?

you? me? him? me? me? you? him? no? ok... this makes me want to make a night at the roxbury game.

pheel responds:

Ha nice :P

Thanks for the review :) glad you liked it

pretty good

for some reason the little chiming thing in the backgroud at the begining reminded me of Golden Axe.

Damn that was a good game, but i digress

yeah good song


pheel responds:

Hmm, I don't hear it, but ok. (Y)


Relax! :)

I like this song, because its not "ROCK ON!!!" its just a cool and chill song. ;)

I like it. :)

pheel responds:

Yeah, it's nice to have a little chill out sometimes :)

Thanks very much, glad you liekd it :)

Oh wow.

Well, after listening to the song. I kinda feel... relaxing... and that's a good thing.

pheel responds:

That is a good thing :)
Thanks for reviewing :)

baby dont hurt me ><

ahhhh i love it
vey good young pheel :)

pheel responds:

Thanks very much :)
Glad you liked it.