Reviews for "What Is Love (8Bit)"

Very nice, in-sync.

Unlike many other 8-bit songs on the audio portal. Is it ok if I Youtube this?

pheel responds:

Thanks :)
As long as I'm credited I see no harm in that, go for it :)

Thanks for reviewing.


I used this for a movie.

pheel responds:

I saw :)

I enjoyed it :D
You should get a good grade for that.

Thanks for reviewing.


snow used this in ultimate fan flash but i still like this version.

pheel responds:

Oh really?
Can you link it to me? I'd like to see.


this is a great song

and you made it more epic. YOU FUKIN ROCK SO HARD

pheel responds:

Haha awesome :D
Genuinely lol'd here :)

Thanks very much :)


In true 8-bit music there are only three layers (?) of sound and one for sound effects or something, but yeah most people call them notes.

Anyway, this tune was ok. Sounded sort of like it was made on a cell phone, can i get this as a ring tune?

pheel responds:

Really? Well I call notes... you know, notes. Like on sheet music. Probably because that's what they are ;)

The download button is up there ^^^^ the picture of the floppy disk.

Thanks for reviewing :)