Reviews for "What Is Love (8Bit)"


Bwahahah tis a funny song.

pheel responds:

Erm, thanks I suppose :P


I've always loved the song, and hearing it all 8-bitted out was awesome. xD

pheel responds:

Awesome :D
Thanks very much

very very cool

definitely one great audio submission! the 8-bitness worked fabulously with "what is love". i must show this to one of friends; she's absolutely obsessed with this song! (break out into song obsessed!) great job, this was truly fun to listen to.

pheel responds:

Haha excellent, please do :)
Thanks for reviewing :)

omg this is full of AWE

i was singing the words to it the whole time i was listening to it!

pheel responds:

Haha, I sometimes do that :P
I get too into it :D

Thanks for reviewing :)


i like, What program u use and if ur using FL Studio 8 what intsruments are u using

pheel responds:

Im using Fruity Loops 7 and mainly just using the triforce plugin.
It's pretty useful ;D

Thanks for reviewing