Reviews for "What Is Love (8Bit)"

really good

You did a perfect job on this but i just cant give a perfect 10 for a song that you didnt write u just re-made ;p

originality-0 ;(

pheel responds:

It's just a cover :P
Suit yourself :)

Thanks very much :D


This is truly an incredible work of music. Good job.

pheel responds:

Thanks mate :D
Glad you liked it


There is quite a few A'BR's of this out there, but this one is amongst the better ones.

pheel responds:

Thanks very much :)


Ilikecheese, what a bias review. This is a great accomplishment, recreating a song like this all on your own in 8bit, not an easy task. Good job, I like it, love the original song (just because of SNL) It's almost as good as the Thriller 8bit remake on here.

pheel responds:

Tbh you can't really call it bias, I mean it's just his opinion.
It's just the fact it was contradictory

Meh :P whatever

Thanks very much mate :D

*jumps in the car*

*and starts bobbing her head to the left*

amazing, 8bit + what is love = AWESOME.

pheel responds:

Haha, genuinely laughed there :D
Thanks very much :)