Reviews for "What Is Love (8Bit)"

It looks like boredom is usefull sometimes

well, cuz you did a nice job here.

1 hour and a half? I usually take 2 hours to make a simple song Q_Q

pheel responds:

Hehe thanks :)
I had nothing to do so I thought I migh as well.

Thanks very much :D


An hour and a half? That's Awesomely good for the spot on timing and everything else behind it.

And relaxing music? I think not .

pheel responds:

What can I say, maybe I was just "In the zone" aha :P

Not relaxing eh? Does it make you angry? :)

hehe ;) Thanks very much mate :D


Fantastic stuff. This is going straight to my mp3 player.

pheel responds:

Awesome :D
Thanks very much :)


That was really funny lol. whenever i hear this song it makes me laugh

pheel responds:

Haha that's great :)
Thanks very much

great job

i loved how you looped "What is Love" into an 8-bit videogame song, loved the beat, sounded very accurate to the actual song, ood job with this one, 5/5 from me :)

pheel responds:

I hate repeating myself in responses cause it looks like I havn't bothered but this basically sums up how I fell.

Thanks very much :D
Glad you liked it :)