Reviews for "What Is Love (8Bit)"


I would love to see this in a Night at The Hill (8 bit).
Youtube fans SHOULD know what I mean.

anyway tis is great, I would have no chance at making anything like this if I really tryed, fantastic job.

pheel responds:

Haha it would look quite good I suppose :P
Good ol' James Sunderland ;D

Thanks very much :)
Oh I'm sure you could if you tried :)

Thanks for reviewing

Not so relaxing.

"More relaxing early 90's music for you all."

I find it hard to relax when I'm sitting here bobbing my head repeatedly. That being said, I'm diggin' this 8-bit version.

pheel responds:

Haha fair enough :P

Thanks very much :)

Commence Headbobbing!

Lol, this is pretty good. Just what I'd expect from an old game, you did this excellently.

pheel responds:

Headbobbing commenced ;D
Hehe thanks very much :)

Glad you liked it.


Your my favorite artist in 8 bit creations! The AVGN and Doom ones especially! This is just as good too, have you ever considerd 16 or 32 bit?

pheel responds:

Oh, well, thank you very much :D
I havn't but maybe it's something worth thinking about.

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jonny fartpants must hate you.

I for one love the music (as a 8 bit song).
how do you manage to get the song to sound so... gameboyish? lol XD nice one

pheel responds:

Hehe ;D
It seemed to escalate into some sort of personal arguement.
I'm really not bothered though ;)

Thank you very much :D
Triforce plugin, it's genius :)

Thanks for reviewing.