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Reviews for "She Was Dreaming In The Rain"

Nice Work

Song was very clean, I liked it alot. Definately worth a 5.

TenchuX responds:

thank you for the review!


you just highlighted 4 minutes and 38 seconds of my life man...

TenchuX responds:

Thats deep... :D glad you loved it!

Thanks :D

One of my ALL TIME favorites - I've loved this song for years. A good rendition of the original - in my books far superior.

TenchuX responds:

thanks saying a lot, thanks

A truly great song!

The song is very relaxing.
Keep up the great work!

TenchuX responds:

yeah, it even relaxes me lol


This is such a beautiful reproduction. OCR is so bogus to not have accepted it just because it was too similar to the original source tune. There are a lot of remixes on OCR that are just as similar to the source tunes but have still been accepted. My only complaint on this is the shutting car door sound effect at the beginning and end lol. Great song though

TenchuX responds:

Some of the older OCR songs in particular were as close as this song was, so I agree there. There's a Zanarkand remix on there that's practically identical to the original. As for the "door" shutting. The song begins "indoors" which is why the rain/thunder is filtered to sound like it's outside. Then the door opens symbolizing the girl going outside into the rain. Then the door shuts at the end when she goes inside, thus ending the song.