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Reviews for "She Was Dreaming In The Rain"

The Man of Funk said it all

There is nothing I can say that Funky hasn't already. Well done.


Its so nice and relaxing I let it run for a good hour. Thanks for uploading.

Define Soul Music

Here's something I wrote ages ago to define how music directly affects us.

http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dpb556b _5gknx6k&hl=en

Feel free to listen to my daily improvs here in Newgrounds as well.

Ohhhh Soooo Relaxing....

This composition is a revival of the soul. I've felt depressed for quite sometime and I just came across this song only to have it put a smile on my face. Just goes to show that music is the best medicine after all... Beautiful Work!!! ^^

funky guy....

i cant believe ur review is so long, and i cant believe even more that i read it. Truth is told. :P
oh yeah, song is ver y good. kinda sad tune to it.