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Reviews for "She Was Dreaming In The Rain"

cc stands for castle crashers as far as i can tell

good anyhow


Great song man! : D
Top score


I`ll have to give you a ten, to use rain right is very VERY hard, and the way you made this whole piece sound was excellent, great job!
I hate to ask this, but what is CC stand for?

TenchuX responds:

Glad you enjoyed the rain.

CC = Chrono Cross

its amazing

so many awesome peices of music are covered up for years until its their time to shine and man being here on newgrounds for 2 years and finally seeing music like this pop out from nowhere is amazing...amazing peice full of emotion thats what all music needs. No hearnt No music so good to see music showing itself in its true form. This peice will more than likely just fall right back into the abyss and probably won't be dug up for a while so enjoy this moment while it lasts


TenchuX responds:


Yeah, it's been 0 bombed to hell, so I wouldn't expect people to see it again for a few months at minimum.

At least people get to enjoy it now, as you put it.

Astonishing, soothing.. Just incredible!

This was really a pleasure to listen to now that I'm quite stressed, it's just, wow! and the rain effect is so calming.

TenchuX responds: