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Reviews for "She Was Dreaming In The Rain"

I really like it

Much better than the original.


great song and im downloading it

just beautiful

great song. nothing to change. its awesome

TenchuX responds:


And as Tuesday is here...and with 0 bombs rampant... so must this song fade into the abyss of the past.

At least for 3 months or so.

Thank you everyone who enjoyed this song while it was up!

Edit: June 13th ... boy I was off when I said 3 months lol... it's almost been 6 and it probably needs another or two.


This is just excellent! Chrono Cross was a great game. You don't hear anything like this very often, it really is terrific. Very relaxing. Please, continue to do as well as this! Keep up the Good Work!



Chrono Cross, How I miss thee.

Beautiful track. The song is actually titled 'Another World' since that is where this tune plays. Of course this is a remix. Beautiful one at that. To all those who read this go play Chrono Cross if you can find it. Sequel to Chrono Trigger and is just as good, if not better. Everything about that game was amazing. Anyways good job author.