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Reviews for "She Was Dreaming In The Rain"


Nearly a Year after I Downloaded this song, It still strikes the same chords as when I first heard it. You got a great gift Tenchu. Thanks for sharing this.

Out of all the songs i've heard on newgrounds...

This may be both the most beautiful and amazing. All the instruments blend together so well. I love the piano melodies as well as the harp. My favorite part is probably where the choir comes in.

Amazing. 5/5 10/10

nice work

definetly worth listening to. keep it up

This is one of my old favorites.

I remember this from a few years back, and I think I've used it. Very good track, rare to see it remade. You did nice work with the rain, and the intruments. Always room for improvment in everything but 10 all the way.


peacefull relaxing..sometimes i find myself asleep hearing this song..