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Reviews for "She Was Dreaming In The Rain"

very touching

this song really sooths whatever mood one might be in, i know it did me. I envy you. i hear songs alot in my head (i know what your thinking but lets stay on topic pls and not on my sanity lol) and i just wish i knew how to play it out and set it up as you have with such clerity and beauty that brings forth so much emotion from the depths of ones own soul. if you have any tips or could tell me a bit on how to make something like this then pls email me at xanjwolf@yahoo.com. if you cant then i understand but i would really appreciate it if you could. keep up the good work betoven and i hope to hear from ya some time soon....i may not find this song again later on this site so pls email sometime a responceif anything. well keep it up, later ~.^

Nice soothing song

I never beat CC and I do not know why. I'm thinking of getting it out again. This song fits me very well, cause it rains a lot where I live, Seattle. Get up the good work and I will keep listening. Go easy and PEACE!


Beautiful. I could listen to it all day.


THis is a wonderful song please make more?

I love this song!

This song is amazing... This is a very good peice of music, and you should feel proud. Very good job, and it's nothing short of excellency.

TenchuX responds:

Ya, I spent a lot of time on this. Much of my time went into the rain, choir and piano.