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Reviews for "She Was Dreaming In The Rain"


amazing and beautiful! i dont know how to describe it, its just so wonderful and serene...and...beautiful is the only word that does this song justice. when i close my eyes i can see and practically feel and smell the atmosphere, and theres a kinda open, unrestrained feeling to the whole thing. love the instrument choice and tempo too. there is one little thing i would suggest though, and that is to make the door closing sound at the end a bit softer and less abrupt. but really, absolutely everything else is just perfect.

OMG its so awesome

i dont know why somebody couldnt put it a 10/10 star and 5/5 rating.its purely awesome

Very blissfull

i enjoy this tune it reminds me when i was back in oregon durring the rain. it brings back good childhood memories. i kinda wanna thank you for this.

oh wow...

so I started to like it once the door closed...then the beats came in...

I really have nothing else to say, evoking so much emotion, from the simple tune to the thought of a innocent girl looking out into the rain as lightning cracked and thunder rolled in. It's beautiful, I can't gah, I can't write it out, its just so...serene...


Well...i wanted to hear this song couse the title sounded nice to me...AND GOD DAMIT!THIS IS AWESOME!