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Reviews for "She Was Dreaming In The Rain"

Great job

I love how you started out this song! The music captures your concept so well!!
If you have read any of my other reviews, i'm a pretty tough critic here on NG, but this is amazing! This is going on my favorites.
Just a couple of things though :). I think that the rain maybe could have died out somewhere around 1:24, and you could have some great wind-chimes or some vibraphone come in there, or some really nice choir and loud piano playing some high notes. But I didn't take a star off for that because, that would have not captured your concept as well as you did it. But just for some other listeners, i think they may be thinking the same thing. I absolutely love this song, it si definatly one of my absolute favorites. The ending was awesome, although i think that the guitar, at the end, stopped too abruptly. I think you should have maybe strung out that chord for maybe another couple of seconds, let the strings ring out. I don't know what the people below me mean when they say they can't see any use for this. Thats not true, you could defiantly use this in maybe some T.V. show or some animation that deals with some romance.

But overall, just amazing, absolutely amazing! You have so much talent in music composition and you shouldn't let that go to waste! Pursue this talent, and just use it to propel you through life, help you get along! In your free time maybe if you are feeling down, LISTEN TO THIS SONG!! aw man this song just totally touches my heart! you can never get enough of this song, i been listening to it for 20 min now. aw so amazing! You are on my favorite artists now, i will check in with your new songs everytime they come out.

I have never given out a 10/10 5/5 before but you have defiantly earned it

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TenchuX responds:

Glad you enjoyed the song so much. I still concider this the best song I've ever done, even after heading into 5 years. The file I used to make this song along with all the samples were destroyed in 2005 when my computer got some bad glitch and I had to reformat. Unfortunately It was not I never backed it up... which would have been easy because I had an F drive that was fine. Hein Sight is 20/20. I would have loved to make an updated version of this song with extra stuff... especially since I tools that sound better across the board for every aspect of this song, but I just don't have the drive to do this all over again from scratch.

As for checking new songs of mine, I'll be releasing a re-do of my FF7 Haven in the Sky's song soon. It's already up, but it's not final. As for a really quality remix, the Donkey Kong Country Mines WIP, I have up is going to be pretty good when it's done. It might even get onto OCRemix. Thanks for the review.

It's well made.

I also think credit to an original artist is plain respectful. But since I wouldn't have known, I think it's a really nice mix.

TenchuX responds:

read 3 reviews down


The vibe this song sets off is so great, although I'm having a hard time figuring what I could possibly use this for in the future.

This was very well done, the whole thing fits together so well.

Well blended with the storm effects, but...

You really ought to credit the original artist as commented below.

TenchuX responds:

read below

That's Noriko Mitose's rift for radial Dreamers.

A Powerful Remastered version of Radical dreamers, however i think you should also refer to the original artist who made the rift.

TenchuX responds:

This song was uploaded in 2004 when Newgrounds had a 30 character limit for song descriptions. Hence why it says CC instead of Chrono Cross. I chose to describe the song... I assumed anyone who wanted to know who composed Chrono Cross could take 1 minute and google the answer. I'll give you the first name Yasunori...

Not really that hard and something quite petty to complain about. I'm surprised other reviews are complaining about the same thing. Just, really silly and comes off as something said just for the sake of complaining, since it's so out there.

Again, I could not do that at the time... and even if I could, I wouldn't because I expect people who are passionate enough about the music to look into who did it and maybe learn a litte extra along the way.

It would be rather silly if people were complaining about Zelda music on this site with OMG?!?!?! KOJI KONDO!?!?! and Final Fantasy Music... OMG NOBUO UEMATSU!!?!

This is common knowledge to many, and if you don't know... like I said. Look it up.