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Reviews for "Sax Practice #1 {s20}"

More great playing

You're a very mature player for your age. I love your tone (very Brecker-like), and your grasp of the chord changes and the way they move is well beyond your years. For someone who's only played for a couple years, you show an understanding of the instrument and of the music that most can't fathom in a lifetime of practice. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, don't stop playing!

And if you're having trouble finding a private instructor, I'll be happy to help you...because a talent like yours should be developed to it's fullest extent.


not bad at all

i used to be in the jazz band before i graduated. and i really like the sound that u have going on there. and if that is improv which i assume it is. its pretty good. and u know ur keys really well also. i did a few improv solo's as well and they werent nearly as good as this. keep up the good work man

Super20SS responds:

Thanks for the compliments.

Gotta love Jazz.

Cool little runs ya got in there. I'm in the Jazz Band at my school. If only our saxes would play solos like this. Only reason for eight of ten is because It's just a Saxaphone solo. Nothing else to it but drums and piano. Nice work.

Super20SS responds:

Thanks for the good review, man. Yeah, the part about it being only a sax solo...that's kinda the point though. It's just me with a play-along cd. I hope to get some reviews about my playing specifically, because I don't have a private teacher and I want some objective listeners to give me some pointers on where I can improve as a sax player.

Thanks again.