Reviews for "COCK CENTUAR"

funnyy as hell man just halarios

dude when i saw this i was lik ok wtf is that cock riding

piggypup responds:

The cock is riding on millions of other cocks all fused together to form a horse body.

You know what you're missing?

More penises.

piggypup responds:

you know what? YOUR RIGHT!


After seeing this picture my eyes just threwup six times, then set themselves on fire. So thanks Dickhole thanks for killing my vision you BASTARD!!!!!

piggypup responds:

No probs bro, I do what I can ; )

Not my style but...


So wrong in every way but damn... good chuckle.

piggypup responds:

SO wrong......its right? ; )


that was bad. Just BAD!

piggypup responds:

Good to know, bro.