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Robot Day 2011 entry?

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The shading and reflections, particularly that glow, are wonderful and nice to look at. The perspective is also fantastic, highlighting the dragonfly and the robot with equal weight while delivering the robot as huge. The attention to detail on the robot's structure really convince me that he's made of metal, and a really polished and shiny metal at that! The logo on the forehead, the sharp angles for the eye-rims, and the reflections on the shoulders are all wonderfully explicit details. The level of detail is so good, in fact, that even in full-view it remains intricate. And THEN, there's the lack of color, the apathy of the robot's black and featureless eyes, the absence of background action. You manage to tell us, unequivocally and with such deliberation, that this humanoid robot is completely devoid of humanity.

It's a fantastic piece in technique, delivery, and content. And at worst, it deserved to be entered into robotday2011. In the meantime, it might be the next picture to hang on my office wall.

J-qb responds:

thanks for the indepth review, glad you like it


The face reminds me SOOO much of Cybermen from Dr. Who xD

J-qb responds:

Sadly, I've never seen Dr. who... for some reason they never broadcasted it in Holland. It does look like that cyberman guy though.


a beautiful picture consisting of both a dragonfly and a caring robot, just shows that not all robots are mass destructive

J-qb responds:



Great highlights, great rendering, great perspective.
I hope you're proud of yourself.

I've deducted a point because you haven't yet tagged this robotday2011, and that's just silly for something of this standard.

Please remedy this.

J-qb responds:


very good

im not sure what it's missing, but i know it is missing something,the joints of the fingers are good, and i like reflection of the armor and the shading, nice work