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Reviews for "First to Die"

not perfect, but good

it could use a little more bass, otherwise great

Ben-Spurgin responds:

Good idea!
I just plugged the bass into the comp straight and was havinga hard time getting a good sound out of it. Obviously! :P

uhm.. no..

its good really good i couldnt do anything better but it sounds like a computer to much, hope youll make something better :) still ill 4/5 you


good shit... kept me rockin' from start to end! this was really catchy with some great grooves and skilled guitar work.

i'll second the "repetitive drum" comment... the drums don't do this justice. That's why you only get 9! Get onto it and make some more kick arse metal!

5'd you anyway, hey? 14 votes, 4.38 / 5.00 (+ 0.059)

...and if you get the chance to, check out my latest post... but only if you like brutal in your face metal with spiky bits :D



So bloody good. Almost flawless.

Simply can't say enough good things about this. The guitar and bass compliment each other through the whole 2 minutes and it kept my interest through the whole damn thing.
It wasn't even til my maybe 5th time or so (yeah, I listened to it on loop while I was doing some graphics to accompany my project) that I started to realize that after the intro there's no variation in the drumbeat whatsoever. An extra beat here or there would have made this so much better, but since the lead instruments are composed so perfectly, that made up for any shortcomings. Fabulous.

Ben-Spurgin responds:

Awesome! Thanks so much man! I've been playing with a drummer, but until we can get a decent recording I just do it to a crappy loop to try to get my ideas out. Stay tuned for more! :P