Reviews for "Star Fly"

not bad a'tal

nice graphics and what have you, but its a bit predictable when most of the enemies com out of the dirrect center of the screen. other than that, though, nice job.

old skool scrollers rock!

ah how i miss the old side scroll shooters good job in bringing it back keep it up cant wait 4 another

Fairly good.

Hit detection is off for the bosses though. I may be far away from them, but they still hit me easily. Otherwise, pretty good game.

virtualtoy responds:

Thanks! My next submissions will be much better!


but gets boring after a while... try speeding it up and making the ship move faster : )

virtualtoy responds:

I don't think that levels are too long - approx 4-5 min each one. And making ship moving faster makes game too easy!

kool, specialy for ur first side scroller

that was real goos, but a bit boring after a while, try making a bit of difference in backgrounds and enemys, maybe add more levels and a boos, and further weapon upgrades like a fireball, then a spliting fireball , than 3 fireballs that bounce off edges and home in on enemys