Reviews for "Star Fly"

real nice!!

i loved it. great i really mean great animations . everything was smooth. perfect and flawless.gave ya 9 .keep doing good stuff.

nevernamed aint ashamed???

A very good game....

There are a lot of good things here... nice artwork, very good sound effects, and an appropriate level of challenge.

The background music loop is a bit short, especially considering how long the levels are.

The levels... Well, I'm a veteran shmupper, for what that's worth, and I tend to prefer the non-boss part of levels to be no more than 6-8 minutes long. I didn't have any issue with the hit boxes on my ship or those of the enemies, though.

Excellent work... could be a little better, but I'm not complaining much. Your game's on my faves list now!




you're a really good scripter do ya think you could help me with some of my games?

Hi there

Good game, it's fun, you can improve graphics though, cya,