Reviews for "Star Fly"

Really Awesome Game!

I bet this game will probably make the front page. great work! i love the game.

A beautiful game.

I actually didn't like this game at first. I couldn't help thinking, why a re there no weapon upgrades? Why do these weapons last a few seconds? Why don't the enemies shoot? What is this special weapon thing? GIVE ME A NORMAL SHOOTING GAME!
But then I started to ralize the brilliance of these things. The enemies inability to shoot make the fourth level infinitely harder. The lack of weapons upgrades keeps the player from becoming board and siiting in on spot with a finger on the fire button. This is a very innovative game. Awsome job.

nice game

i realy like how you got power ups and energy in the game it makes very good!

keep up the good work!

this gets a definite 5/5!

Soooo.. . .. FUN!NN!!!!!!

Its so simple yet complex it helps me get rid of the stresses of the day. . . without having to kill someone like usual . . .. :-P

Hours of enjoyment.

Great Graphics, Good Background Music, Great job overall, I'd like to see more levels in the future and maybe power-ups that last longer? I would also like to see a upgrade shop like someone else brought up.