Reviews for "Star Fly"

Only one things make the game bad

All is ok in there but ONE THING : For all enemies but especialy the boss, the zone of effect (where you cna be touched by them) ARE GREATER than them, making the boss nearly impossible to dodge somtimes. Getting killed by the second boss (and he didnt realy touch me) I just closed the game and give you this. Doesnt worth playing it anymore...

Verry nice!!

I really loved this game man.. i playred it for like 25 mins!! It;s one of those games that u start to play and cant stop, it was real fn man' Good work!


Pretty good, but it was the same as every other space shooter.

That's sooo cool

I think that's one of the best games on NG!


Good job, Nice standard game, runs well found no glitches, Does a bit too slow for my tast, got bored at lack of chalenge