Reviews for "Star Fly"

kick ass

but I don't like that you can only have one superweapon at a time, you should be able to carry 3 and use keys 1,2,and 3 if theres a certain one you want to use. it also pisses me off when I have something good like fireballs and then get something shitty like those green lasers.

Very entertaining

This brought me back to my old top-down scrolling games that I used to play when I was a kid!! Where did you learn to make this kinda game, I'd love to tinker with this format myself!!! Great job!

Cool game!

But what the hell is it with the second boss? i am getting hit even when he don't touches me. And i think the levels are too long! But for the superweapons i'll forgive the other points

A very good game....

There are a lot of good things here... nice artwork, very good sound effects, and an appropriate level of challenge.

The background music loop is a bit short, especially considering how long the levels are.

The levels... Well, I'm a veteran shmupper, for what that's worth, and I tend to prefer the non-boss part of levels to be no more than 6-8 minutes long. I didn't have any issue with the hit boxes on my ship or those of the enemies, though.

Excellent work... could be a little better, but I'm not complaining much. Your game's on my faves list now!

pretty sweet dude

now that, was a class game.

there have been loads of games like that, most of them far to difficult and so not very entertaining, but yours just seemed to get it just right between having it hard enough but yet easy enough.

but just as a thing, how long were the lvls? i played for like 15 mins and didnt encounter anything that looked sort of "boss" like?

but, apart from that, a very good game, it is obviuse that you have put alot of effert into this, it really douse show.