Reviews for "Star Fly"

Its Okay...

I understand you tried something different with a limited weapon usage gameplay mechanic. It almost works... but not quite... One of the problems with it is that it goes down too much too fast. And Secondly the laser and fireball suck as powerup weapons and hated when I switched to them. It felt like I was given a lollypop only to have it taken from my mouth several times forcefully. if you keep this, you'll have to balance the weapons more... (personally, having the player shoot more fireballs and lasers might be a good blance for you. If there any mibi-bosses in game, I didn't see them (and I played for a good while).... If they're there, make the levels shorter, and if not... you'll need them to provide resolution to the level. (Killing big shit just feels good)... The Graphics are great, so with some more work, this game could really rock...

<<<Super cool>>>

13580 baby!



Great Job Man!!!

That was great! I loved the graphics, the music was cool! Definetely should not get blammed!

Pretty Good

It's quite good for your first scroller,
but the collision detection needs some work.
The sound is great, though it gets a little repetitive and The Graphics are very good (if you made them yourself, good work).
I give it a 8. Keep up the good work!

Great, but......

Jeez man, you REALLY need to fix that collision detection. I'm like halfway across the screen from a boss, and yet I still get hurt. What's up with that??