Reviews for "Star Fly"

Fairly good.

Hit detection is off for the bosses though. I may be far away from them, but they still hit me easily. Otherwise, pretty good game.

virtualtoy responds:

Thanks! My next submissions will be much better!

old skool scrollers rock!

ah how i miss the old side scroll shooters good job in bringing it back keep it up cant wait 4 another

Not that bad

It was a good game and it looks like you spent an abundant of tme on it but I didn't like the fact that the lasers only reached a certain point than disapearing but the special attacks kicked ass

not bad a'tal

nice graphics and what have you, but its a bit predictable when most of the enemies com out of the dirrect center of the screen. other than that, though, nice job.

good but not fast paced enough for me

make it more fast pasced and i will play longer