Reviews for "Star Fly"

i got 2 the second boss

anyways a very good game great graphics and everything very good job here

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Star Fly is a great game. One of the better one's I've played. Honestly, my only annoyance was that the enemies took so long to kill with the normal guns and lasers. One hit kills are the general rule in scrollers like this, with mulptiple hits reserved for later enemies. Ah well, can't blame you for breaking from tradition.


you're a really good scripter do ya think you could help me with some of my games?


but gets boring after a while... try speeding it up and making the ship move faster : )

virtualtoy responds:

I don't think that levels are too long - approx 4-5 min each one. And making ship moving faster makes game too easy!


please, something original

virtualtoy responds:

Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to make something original.