Reviews for "Star Fly"

Hours of enjoyment.

Great Graphics, Good Background Music, Great job overall, I'd like to see more levels in the future and maybe power-ups that last longer? I would also like to see a upgrade shop like someone else brought up.


good job cool graphics, good music the only thing i think you should do is make more levels but make them smaller and in between make a shop where you can buy upgrades.



Reminds me of one of those old arcade games...

Nice job! This was really fun and a good way to use up time. The music was cool, and the graphics were Pixar-quality. You definitely deserve that shiny second-place trophy (you should've gotten a 1st place though!)

Keep up the good work.

Soooo.. . .. FUN!NN!!!!!!

Its so simple yet complex it helps me get rid of the stresses of the day. . . without having to kill someone like usual . . .. :-P

it was ok

it was ok.. but its to fuckin hard, well then again ive always sucked at these sorta games. lol