Reviews for "Battle of Honor"

Cool, but battle scene?

Neat loop, nicely done! Could totally be used in a game.

But it just doesn't sound battle to me... In my opinion it sounds a bit too dry to be in a battle scene. Like the instrument you hear in the beginning is kinda too straightforward.

It's still a great song, deserving of at least a 5/10. I'll give you and 8/10.

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Yes....thank you. This audio was....delicious....


i do like it dont get me wrong but it sounds like i have heard it before.

idk could be just me...

and i can soo se this being in a game. it has a nice flow to it and it can be repeated again and still sound great.


I like this very much although I was wondering if maybe I could use this in my latest RPG project I've just started working on I will give full credit to you in return.

realy good

ive heard beter but still good