Reviews for "Battle of Honor"

Another great one

Another great song by Paragon,though a little shorter then usual i still loved it all the same.


Very cool sound.I tink this one is great for a fight at night in a desert.


Often used in NG submissions... 24 of them at the time of this posting. Even as short as it is, I can see why: this would be perfect for introducing a huge enemy to the screen via cutscene.

This is...

...one of your underestimated songs in my opinion. Compared with all of your other songs, it has very few reviews, and quite few dl´s.
This is a really good action tune that I myself have listened to many times before my training sessions.
It´s pure battle!

It just hit me...!

...The Guardian Legend & the R-9 fighting together at light speed... through space...

That sound awesome to anyone??