Reviews for "Battle of Honor"

Very nice.

Just like all of your songs. Good job all the way.

(ALSO, you are all retarted, maybe you heard this before because alot of his songs are the same style.)

oh, oh, oh!!!

heard this before, i have. wherewherewherewherewherewwherewherew herewwherewherewhereherewherewhereher ewherewherewherewherewherewherwherewh erewherewherewherewwherewherewherewwh erewherewhereherewherewhereherewherew herewherewherewherewhereewherewherewh erewherewherewwherewherewherewwherewh erewhereherewherewhereherewherewherew herewherewherewherewherewwherewherewh erewwherewherewhereherewherewherehere wherewherewherewherewherewherewherewh erewherewherewherewherewherewherewher ewwherewherewherewwherewherewherehere wherewhereherewherewherewherewherewhe rewhere??? hmm, i'd guess i'd be able to find out.

O.O!!! I hear this b4!!

I just don't remember where...oh wow! What are the odds that I would run in to this song? (apparently not good enough against me, still found it! =3) I have awaited the day I'd find it again. And I have. ^^

Sounds familiar

This sounds like a remix of the multiplayer options screen from Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun I believe.


This is really good.