Reviews for "-fireburst-"


Not much to be said but only that its freakin EXCELLENT!!

sweet man sweet

too bad i dont have flash and i suck at it. Cuz i could totally imagine an awesome fight scene going with this song. Its cool. But im kinda bummed my vision can never be realized.

Hell Yeaaahhh!

Good shit man, this song is badass. If that fighting movie had come out, even if the movie itself sucked, it would get rated good because of dis shit right her man, keep it up.

PS:I was wondering if you could let me work with this and cadd some shit 2 it? Hit me up...

holy crap u rick too much to be true

u rock just do more of these songs!


somthing of this song just sounds like this old game i had for Playstation, i think its called reloaded or somthing like it but this song sounds alot like the music in that game, in fact i think im gonna go look for that game right now!