Reviews for "-fireburst-"

just a little short

awsome. it reminds me of a song while fighting a boss on a video game or somehting

could have been faster

hmmmmmmmm that could have been faster.
also could have been less repetitive.
still very good though

Awesome song.

Great tempo, varied, good length. I guess I'm supposed to critisize it too, but I can't find anything wrong with it.


I just love this music. Sure something a little more fast paced is more my type, but this is nice. I would blast it out of my speakers here, but then my neghbors would get the police to ticket me for disturbing the peace. (lol and they are that loud)

Yeah I can see it

It would've been a good fight song, too bad. A little quiet in the beginning (almost, TOO quiet...) But other than that it was pretty rockin.