Reviews for "-fireburst-"


Pretty original. I like that.

found it

Man ever since I first downloaded this on my other computer I have been looking for it, but when I downloaded it u had the name chainsaw09 so it was so hard to freakin find, glad i finally did. Oh, and the song aint that bad either.

good beat

This song has an awesome beat to it. It's really would be good for an fighting part. I love this song, and the part at 2:35. That is the best part to me.

i remeber this song

yes, i remeber now i think i download this a couple of years ago, i think when it first came out, yeah it was on my old puter. dude i love this song. it was one of those songs that inspired me to do music.

Great song

especially for a flying fighter game
keep up the good work