Reviews for "FF7: About Random Battles"

that is so true and damn funny

that is quite awesome, the old-style adds a great effect. my brothers and i always played that and my oldest bro used to just run around the world map in circles for like hours but i couldn't do that (maybe it was my ADD, nah) anyway everything in this was funny and status inducing spells do suck in that.

:D kool

Legendary Frog, u rule! I am a big fan of your work, and
FF7 is one of my fav games. The first time I saw a Final Fantasy (it was 6, I think) I also wondered why animals were carrying money. I loved the materia game (Sephiroth=cool 4E), and I liked the one-winged angel remix. Very well done.

Another great one

I loved it, another brilliant flash from NG's best flash artist

LF = Win


Wonderful fun

Great movie, could be considered as an informal FFVII tutorial. However, the minigame was a bit too difficult. You might want to consider lengthening the time we have to arrange the materia.

"That's Inappropriate!"

LegendaryFrog: Do I even half to explain the 10 on humor? I love all your stuff!

I expected the mini game to be a time waster but it was actually fun.